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Ain't she sweet - Beatles
Baby let me take you home - Animals
Back in the USSR - Beatles
Bring it on Home - Animals
Come on - Hendrix
Come together - Beatles
Cry to me - Pretty Things
Gloria - Them
Have love will travel - Sonics
Heart full of soul - Yardbirds
I can't explain - Who
I'm Free - Stones
It' all over now - Stones
It's all over now, Baby Blue - Them
Jumping' Jack flash - Stones
Louie Louie - Kinks
Not fade away - Buddy Holly
Please don't let me be misunderstood - Animals

Sympathy for the Devil - Stones
The last time - Stones
These boots are made... - Sinatra
Where have all the good times gone - Kinks
Midnight to Six Men – Pretty Things
Run Run Run - Who
Shakin' all over – Johnny Kidd
Substitute - Who
Summertime Blues - Cochran
Sympathy for the devil - Stones
The Seeker - Who
When I was young - Animals
Where have all the good times gone - Kinks
Victoria - Kinks
You better move on - Stones
You really got me – Kinks
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